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From Mauritius to Monheim – Welcome to the BTC Family!

Willy Vee Lock Chan Fu Lun, who is originally from Mauritius, has started his six-months internship at BTC in September. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Global Management at the University in Hof, Bavaria, and is also writing his Master Thesis in collaboration with BTC. As part of the team Strategy, Marketing & Communications (SMC) he is conducting competitor analyses, supporting the team with the further implementation of the BTC digital roadmap and driving forward social media activities. BTC Communications has met Willy for a virtual interview. 


1.    You are from Mauritius, an island state in the Indian Ocean. What has made you change your flip flops for scarf and gloves?

Almost everyone asks me this question :-) Well, I always wanted to study in Europe as I have a lot of friends studying here (France, England, Netherlands, Ireland). In Mauritius, I quickly became aware of German public universities, partly because they are free, and because I am fascinated by the German language. In my youth, I heard German music bands such as Tokyo Hotel and Scorpions. I then decided to learn a new language and do my Master studies in Germany.

2.    What was your motivation to apply for an internship at BTC? 

A good friend of mine recommended BTC to me. She was telling me how great the working environment was and how helpful colleagues and clients were during her time at BTC. While doing my research on BTC, it reminded me of my family’s business. It is small but focuses a lot on customers’ personalization, just like BTC. And last but not least, BTC is a subsidiary of BASF and I wanted to be part of such a big and international family.

3.    What fascinates you about the Chemical industry? 

During high school, Chemistry was one of my main subjects. It was always fun to do the molecular formulae. Chemicals are everywhere, from detergents, to cosmetics, paints and fertilizers. At the same time, the market and the customer base are huge. So, it has brought to my interest how this industry focuses on the needs and wants of customers to meet their demands, especially in the B2B business.

4.    You are writing your Master’s Thesis with BTC. What is your topic?

I have not finalized my topic yet, but I am planning to focus on African markets. Since I’m from the African continent, it will be easier for me to do my research and use my connections and my network.

5.    What do you expect from your internship? 

First of all, I would like to put what I’ve learnt during my university years into practice. I have studied many marketing, management and strategic theories at university. I would like to better understand how these theories are applied in actual business life. And for sure, I would like to improve my German by writing and speaking more to my team members.

6.    How can you benefit from the professional environment at BTC? 

Working in such an international company will help me meet more colleagues and clients from different parts of the world and thus expand my network. Above all, I will gain more know-how and develop my skills through my work in the strategy, marketing and communication department. I will also have the opportunity to learn how the company explores new growth potentials and drives innovation to meet customer demands.

7.    What are your plans after you graduate? 

For the time being, I would like to continue working in Germany for some years and gain more international working experience. Since Mauritius is a tiny island and is still lagging behind in terms of technological infrastructure, I would have a competitive edge if I went back to Mauritius afterwards and helped my family’s business to grow. 

8.    You have started your internship in challenging times. How does Corona impact your life as an intern? What is different compared to your past experiences?

I have started my internship at the beginning of September and I have been in the office only two times since. I think home office has both, pros and cons. For instance, it is less stressful in the morning as we do not have to rush to take the bus or train. But communication among the whole team is less effective because it is sometimes more difficult to understand everything via Microsoft Teams. Compared to my past experiences and considering this internship being my first one in Germany, I would say staying at home makes me feel lonely sometimes as I barely know my team members or only virtually. But everything is going well so far, everyone is very helpful and friendly to me.

9.    When you are not working, what are you doing in your free time?

I love baking and photography! During weekends, I try new recipes and do food styling to have an ´instagrammable’ photo to upload on my Instagram profile. You can check out my photos on my baking account: @chefwillurf

10.     Can you teach us three important phrases in Creole that everyone needs to know?

I would suggest, anyone who will be visiting Mauritius should learn these phrases: 

  • Good morning: bonzour
  • How are you?: ki manyer?
  • What is your name?: koma to appélé?