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Solid shampoos, soaps and other low-water care products: less is more

Global drinking water supplies are declining. However, the Zero Waste collection from BTC offers cosmetics manufacturers a wide range of formulation ideas that allow them to save water.

BTC Europe

Circular feedstocks for sustainable plasticiser from BTC Europe

BTC Europe now offers sustainable plasticizer grades including Hexamoll® DINCH – ccycled™, Hexamoll® DINCH BMB, Palatinol® N BMB, Palatinol® 10P BMB and Plastomoll® DOA BMB.

BTC Europe

GLYSANTIN® premium coolant now available in recycled packaging

Auto workshops generate a great deal of packaging waste. Packaging made from recycled materials represent a sustainable alternative – such as the new 1-litre bottles filled with GLYSANTIN® premium coolant.

BTC Europe

Sustainable solution for wood lacquer: Acronal® EDGE 6338 enables a true one-coat-hide using water-born dispersion

Acronal® EDGE 6338 is the first dispersion for environmentally and health-friendly water-based wood coatings that guarantee one-coat-hide thanks to the high solids technology (solids content 60%) with a multiphase polymer. A single coat is sufficient!

BTC Europe

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