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News out of the chemical industry

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New enzyme technology for liquid detergents: improved washing performance even at low temperatures

Lavergy® Pro 114 LS and Sokalan® HP 20 are high-performance components for liquid detergents from BASF. The combination of enzymes and chemistry provides the decisive factor for optimum washing results at low energy consumption.

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BASF & CELAB - working towards a circular economy for adhesive labels

As a co-founder of CELAB, BASF works towards a circular economy for adhesive labels

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Enhancing tank safety with KEROFLUID® MIL-AL-41: frost protection for jet fuel

Ice crystals in fuel can block lines and filters, and therefore constitute a significant risk in aviation. For this reason, frost protection additives are obligatory. Our fuel system icing inhibitor KEROFLUID® MIL-AL-41 is specially made for fuels used in military jets and small aircraft.

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Profound expertise in refinery additives

Diesel is made up of more than a thousand individual components, and these can all influence how additives work. That makes it all the more important to understand the fuel and have the right expertise down to the last detail. The right refinery additives can ensure that the fuel meets the precisely defined specifications.

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