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accelothene® optimises efficiency in injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion processes

Many plastic products in our everyday lives are lighter and of higher quality than they were only a few years ago. A good example of this are water crates, which have the same bearing capacity as earlier models but weigh far less. However, such developments also mean that production processes have become more elaborate, for example because products have a more complex structure. “In order to continue working in a cost-efficient manner, many producers are looking for solutions that allow for a shorter cycle time or reduce rejects,” says Dr Alfred G. Oertli, Business Manager Plastics Industry at BTC Europe. “Our innovation, accelothene®, helps them to achieve both.”

An additive with four important advantages

The additive can be added directly during the production process or complement formulations of compound and master batch products. accelothene® unlocks considerable advantages in the processing of polyolefins,

  • as it improves the flow rate of polyolefins both in injection and blow moulding processes. The moulds can be filled with plastic more quickly
  • and at lower temperatures – thanks to the use of accelothene®. This reduces the energy required for heating and the amount of water needed later on for cooling.
  • Since the processes take place at lower temperatures, the cooling time is reduced as well. For example, it goes down from 60 to 30 seconds when producing a modern bottle crate, thus significantly reducing the cycle time.
  • accelothene® also improves the mechanical properties of products and ensures less warpage, particularly with more complex shapes. 

Costs savings of up to 30 per cent

Together, these advantages can lead to a considerable reduction of costs. “All things considered, the applications have shown that production is up to 30 per cent cheaper when the additive is used,” says Oertli. Generally, the desired result can be achieved by adding three to five per cent of the additive. The product is available as a granulate.

Our Expert

Dr. Alfred G. Oertli has worked for BASF and BTC for 22 years. His career includes working in a wide variety of areas such as technology, business development, marketing or in sales. But the work by Dr. Oertli, who has a doctorate in plastics chemistry, always focusses on one thing: the world of polymers. “I am still thrilled by this industrial sector and its very diverse applications. This allows us and our customers to shape the future, whether in the automobile industry or construction sector,” says the Business Manager Plastics Industry at BTC. “And I am able to contribute to this future thanks to the solutions developed by BASF and my team. And I would be most pleased if they contribute to a more sustainable future.”

You can find additional information about accelothene® and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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