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Aliquat® – the turbo for chemical reactions

Saving time, saving space, saving waste: anyone who can tweak the three areas in chemical processes will be able to optimise the processes from the ground up. With Aliquat®, BTC's portfolio includes a BASF SE product that brings with it precisely these benefits, increasing the efficiency of chemical processes. A process that previously only produced a yield of 60 per cent, for example, will suddenly be able to achieve over 80 per cent with Aliquat®.

Igniting the reaction turbo

Aliquat® is an ammonia-based phase transfer catalyst and can be used for a wide range of functions. The reaction turbo does more than just increase the yield: if required, chemists can also decide to increase the speed, thus saving time while producing the same yield. Alternatively, the concentration of the substances needed can also be increased in many cases. In other words, solvent, and therefore space in the production vessels, is saved during the process. A greater yield in less time often also means less waste. In many cases, toxic substances and poisonous solvents can be reduced significantly. A situation in which the use of strong bases is unnecessary can often also be achieved. These effects save costs and also benefit the environment.

“At the moment, Aliquat® is used particularly frequently in the manufacture of products for grain protection or pest control,” describes Lutz Rosengarten, Business Manager at BTC Europe. “But there are thousands of other options too.” For example, Rosengarten has his eye on plastics production, as well as seeing a lot of potential in many other fields. Because every process is different, and the chemists involved usually know their own processes better than anybody, BTC has compiled a comprehensive manual of almost 40 reaction types. Now anyone can gain information on reactions that can be optimised with Aliquat®. BTC will be happy to provide interested customers with the manual on request.

Simple guidance for decision-making

Those who are unsure whether Aliquat® would be an alternative for their chemical process should ask themselves a few simple questions, says Rosengarten: Is the yield currently less than 85%? Does the process or the reaction in question take longer than eight hours? Would reducing toxic substances be lucrative or sensible? If you can only answer one of the questions positively, you should consider Aliquat® as an option.

The different options with Aliquat®

BTC's range includes a total of three versions of Aliquat®, each of which is suitable for different processes:

  • Aliquat 175: aqueous solvent
  • Aliquat 336: organic solvent
  • Aliquat HTA-1: also suitable for use at high temperatures of over 80 degrees Celsius

You can find additional information and contact your local BTC contact partner directly using the Solution Finder at www.btc-europe.com.

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