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All-in-one solution for foams: Irgastab® PUR 70

They might not always be visible, but they are used everywhere – PUR foams provide the correct padding in car seats, give garments shape and support or cushion sports shoes. High-quality foams thus have to meet diverse requirements. Ideally, they should not discolour the fabrics surrounding them, be free from amines and have low emission values. With Irgastab® PUR 70, BTC has added a new product to its portfolio last year that helps meet these requirements. “The special feature of the additive is the excellent balance of so many measurable effects,” emphasizes Alfred Oertli, Business Manager Plastics Industry at BTC Europe.

Improved interior air quality

PUR foams produced with Irgastab® PUR 70 are used in a variety of applications in the automotive industry, ranging from textile lining to moulded foam seats. Cars are subject to increasingly stringent standards for emissions and odour build-up in the vehicle interior. Examples include the stricter European standards VDA 278 10/11, and the new Chinese law GB/T 27630 on air quality in the vehicle cabin. Irgastab® PUR 70 acts as a stabilizer, neutralizes free radicals in the polyurethane foams and ensures very good emission values.

White stays white

In addition, the anti-scorch additive reliably fulfils its role as a stabilizer even during the manufacturing process, preventing the deterioration of polyol and polyurethane by thermal oxidation. Foams produced with the additive remain white – even later during storage and in the final application. “In many industries, the white colour of the foam is extremely important, even in applications where it is not visible at first glance in the final product,” emphasizes Oertli. The additive serves all of these functions, while being free from amines and aromatic solvents. The advantages of the all-in-one solution recently convinced a judging panel consisting of major players in the polyurethanes market: In July 2017, BASF was awarded the “European Flexible PU Foam Innovation Award” for Irgastab® PUR 70.

Our Expert

Dr. Alfred G. Oertli has worked for BASF for 22 years. His career includes working in a wide variety of areas such as technology, business development, marketing or in sales. But the work by Dr. Oertli, who has a doctorate in plastics chemistry, always focusses on one thing: the world of polymers. “I am still thrilled by this industrial sector and its very diverse applications. This allows us and our customers to shape the future, whether in the automobile industry or construction sector,” says the Business Manager Plastics Industry at BTC. “And I am able to contribute to this future thanks to the solutions developed by BASF and my team. And I would be most pleased if they contribute to a more sustainable future.”

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