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Barely toxic, easy to handle – sustainable solvents

Products with labels reading “May cause cancer” or “May cause harm to the unborn child” are considerably more difficult to sell. In almost every field, industry today is under ever greater pressure to produce sustainable products that do not carry any health risks. This is why BTC has now compiled a list of solvents from the BASF Group's broad portfolio and listed them in a brochure. All the solvents presented in the brochure have various things in common: they are biodegradable and require little or no labelling.

All interesting products clearly arranged on one page

“We offer the best option for the customers, who would otherwise have to trawl through hundreds of products from all kinds of business divisions within BASF when on the lookout for a suitable product,” says Dr Sabine Both, Senior Technical Expert at BTC Europe GmbH. “Now they can find all available solvents on just one page.” The BTC brochure lists a total of 30 products and all the relevant properties are also presented in eight columns: Is the solvent water soluble? What is the boiling point? Does the solvent need CLP classification? Only eight of the products listed need to be classified in line with the European CLP regulation, for example.

High boiling point, almost VOC-free

When drawing up the list of solvents, BTC applied strict standards. In addition to general environmental compatibility and a low health risk, particular attention was also paid to the issue of whether the solvent is easy to use during manufacturing processes. That is why most of the solvents in the brochure have a boiling point of at least 250 or 300 degrees Celsius. The vast majority of products listed also do not require any volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Hand-selected to suit every requirement

The products cover a wide variety of application fields. “The environmental profile and the easiest possible labelling and handling were the decisive factors,” says Both, “to ensure that everyone can select the products suitable for them.” The entire BTC portfolio is represented, from fatty alcohols and methyl esters to dimethylamines. As a result, prohibitive product labels can be easily avoided.

Brochure for sustainable solvents

  • 30 products from the BASF and BTC range
  • Selection criteria: easy to handle, ecologically compatible, biodegradable, energy-saving, etc.
  • You can find the “Sustainable Solvents” brochure here.

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