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BASF KEROPUR® Gasoline Performance Packages clean and improve engine performance to reduce emissions

Modern combustion engines require high-quality fuel to maintain performance and prevent deposits that would otherwise reduce their efficiency. KEROPUR® Gasoline Performance Packages deliver the next generation of BASF’s gasoline additives, especially for high-performance engines. They can protect and restore engine performance, improve the fuel efficiency and thus reduce emissions.

"Deposits are the enemy of every engine," says Mark Parsons, Technical Support Manager for BASF Fuel Additives. They can form on the inlet valves and fuel injectors, thereby reducing combustion efficiency and engine performance. In the worst case, the entire engine could require expensive maintenance to remove these residues.

With the further development of engines, the demands on the fuel are also increasing. "That's why BASF is continuously developing its fuel additives," says Parsons. The KEROPUR® Gasoline Performance Packages are suitable for use in all gasoline engines, including the latest direct injection spark ignition (DISI) and hybrid engines.

Long-lasting cleaning effect

KEROPUR® Gasoline Performance Packages form a protective film on valves and fuel injectors. "This prevents deposits from forming in the first place, while existing deposits are removed at the same time," explains Parsons. "This has several advantages: Performance is maintained, engine life is extended and maintenance costs are reduced”.

Fuel additives are good for the environment

At the same time, KEROPUR® Gasoline Performance Packages can increase the fuel efficiency of a new gasoline engine. In a gasoline engine, around 10 percent of combustion energy is lost due to internal friction. Gasoline additives can be used to reduce the friction between the piston rings and the cylinder wall. "This is another major benefit for the environment," emphasizes Manuel Gerth, Business Manager for BTC. After all, the higher the efficiency of the combustion and the lower the internal friction, the lower the fuel consumption - in the end, fewer emissions are released.

Protection against corrosion - with additives

"Our customers also benefit directly from our additives," says Gerth. KEROPUR® Gasoline Performance Packages contain very effective corrosion inhibitors and dehazers to help remove water and protect metallic parts from rust formation – not just in the vehicle, but along the entire supply chain.

The advantages at a glance

  • Prevents new deposits and removes existing ones that decrease engine performance
  • Extends engine life and reduces maintenance costs
  • Lowers fuel consumption and reduces emissions

Our Expert

Mark Parsons has been involved in the manufacture and supply of aviation fuel systems and lubricants for 20 years. Since 2012, he has represented BASF’s aviation fuel additives globally and has been supporting Fuel Performance Packages in Europe, Russia and the Middle East as of 2020. “With our high-performance gasoline and diesel additives, we can meet a wide range of customer requirements and contribute to the development of efficient fuels that go beyond the legal market requirements.”

Further information about KEROPUR® Gasoline Performance Packages and the possibility to contact your local BTC contact person directly is available using the Solution Finder.