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Brisk interest in Zetag® ULTRA at VA-mässan

Today, both industrial and municipal wastewater works are under pressure to achieve maximum performance at the lowest possible cost, while also being as environmentally friendly as possible. One of the levers that can be adjusted to achieve this is the solid content of the dewatered sludge: A lower level of water in the remaining sewage sludge means less volume to dispose of – thus reducing the costs for transport and incineration. Developed by BASF SE, the cationic flocculant Zetag® ULTRA makes this strong dewatering performance possible thanks to its very effective binding capacity. Operators can save up to 15 per cent on transport and energy costs at the same dosage as with conventional products. It is no wonder that Zetag® ULTRA was one of the highlights at “VA-mässan” in Jönköping, Sweden, where BASF's sales company BTC Europe presented its portfolio.

Most important meeting point for the water sector

The “VA-mässan” water and wastewater trade fair has been one of the most important meeting points for the European water sector for many years. This year, it reinforced its position with over 400 exhibitors. Most of the visitors come from municipal water and wastewater works. “Every time, it is an excellent opportunity to meet new customers, especially those from segments with which one might not have had much contact in the past,” says Stefan Sjögren, BTC Account Manager Water and Wastewater Solutions.

For centrifuges and dissolved air flotation

BTC promoted its entire product range for water treatment, including polymers and defoamers. Its stand also included what Sjögren saw as a very surprising hit: he and his colleagues could hardly keep up with demand for the BTC gift – the rubber duck. Much more important, however, was the fact that BTC was very pleased with the attention Zetag® ULTRA received. The combination of cost efficiency and improved performance attracted brisk interest among the visitors.

After all, the high flocculation stability it offers makes Zetag® ULTRA particularly suitable for use in centrifuges and in separation processes using dissolved air flotation, for example. More sustainable, more efficient, more effective: to develop Zetag® ULTRA, BASF combined its many years of application experience in water treatment with its comprehensive expertise in polymer research in impressive fashion.

The BTC Europe range – for all types of organic sludge

Four Zetag® ULTRA product types are available and are distinguished by their cationic charge:

  • Zetag® 8127 (20 per cent charge)
  • Zetag® 8147 (40 per cent charge)
  • Zetag® 8167 (60 per cent charge)
  • Zetag® 8187 (80 per cent charge)

You can find additional information and contact your local BTC contact partner directly using the Solution Finder at www.btc-europe.com.

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