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BTC Europe at BASF's booth at EuroTier 2014

Dairy cows are high-performance animals. Milk production per cow has almost doubled since the 1960s. But the animals have to expend a lot of energy to produce this healthy foodstuff, so conventional dietary supplementation solutions have traditionally focused on increasing the energy intake. In contrast, the Lutrell® Combi feed supplement marketed by BTC reduces the fat content of the milk, so that the cows use less blood glucose – an elegant way to reduce the pressure on the dairy cows' metabolism and thus protect their energy balance.

World's largest trade fair for professional animal husbandry

BASF's entire range in the animal nutrition segment will be on display at BASF's booth in Hanover in November. BTC colleagues will support and advise BTC customers at the trade fair. “It is a marketplace – a place to meet and make new contacts,” says Dr Alfred Schülein, Account Manager Animal Nutrition at BTC Europe. For four days, from 11th to 14th November, Hanover will become not only an information platform, but also the place where trends and detailed questions in modern animal husbandry are discussed.

EuroTier is the world's largest trade fair for professional animal husbandry. From milking technology to dung removal, from data management to veterinary medicine and animal nutrition, everything going on in the sector is on display there. Over 2,000 exhibitors from around 50 countries are expected to attend. Half of the exhibitors come from abroad, amongst others from France, China and Turkey.

High fertility and milk production

Schülein will not only be welcoming customers to the booth. He will also be holding a presentation at EuroTier 2014 himself, on conjugated linoleic acids – the active ingredient in Lutrell®. As well as the positive effects on the energy balance, studies show further benefits: the raised glucose level also has an impact on the fertility of dairy cows – as a result, the cows become pregnant around 38 days earlier. In addition, the nutritional supplement reduces pressure on the liver metabolism, leading to permanently higher milk production. Lutrell® Combi thus contributes to making milk production more economically sustainable, while also increasing the lifespan of the livestock.

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