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BTC takes over former Cognis portfolio distributed by Azelis

The acquisition of Cognis in 2010 enabled BASF to expand its portfolio for Personal Care and Home Care applications as well as for the Institutional and Industrial Cleaning (I&I) industries.

On 1 July 2012, the former Cognis product portfolio distributed by Azelis was officially handed over to BTC Europe GmbH.

The new Personal Care product range distributed by BTC comprises surfactants, thickeners, pearlizers, opacifiers, solubilizers, emulsifiers and emollients.

The Personal Care products in the BASF portfolio prior to the acquisition of Cognis will continue to be distributed by BASF ChemTrade GmbH.

The Home Care and I&I range distributed by BTC now includes additional non-ionic and ionic surfactants, esters, amides and silicates.