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Cetiol® 4 All

The all-round emollient

With various consumer needs, an optimized raw material selection for appealing cosmetic products with multiple benefits and value for money is becoming more important. Therefore, cosmetic manufacturers are looking for versatile emollients.

BASF answers to this growing demand with Cetiol® 4 All, a high-quality and robust primary emollient. Thanks to its high hydrolytic stability at broad pH range and the excellent skin and eye tolerance, Cetiol® 4 All is suitable for various applications: face care, body care, color care, antiperspirant (AP), and deodorant. In addition, Cetiol® 4 All provides a pleasant sensory profile – initially nourishing which then turns into a light after feel. Being non-comedogenic, Cetiol® 4 All matches various skin types.

You can find additional information about Cetiol® 4 All and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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