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Circular feedstocks for sustainable plasticiser from BTC Europe

Available in the following regions:  UK & Ireland, Iberia, Greece, Nordics

BTC Europe now offers sustainable plasticizer grades including Hexamoll® DINCH – ccycled™, Hexamoll® DINCH BMB, Palatinol® N BMB, Palatinol® 10P BMB and Plastomoll® DOA BMB.

The BASF ChemCycling™ initiative aims to manufacture products based on chemically recycled plastic waste. Working with selected partners BASF employs a pyrolysis process to transform plastic waste into a secondary raw material. The resultant oil is then fed into BASF's integrated production plants and allocated to selected sales products, which subsequently become 'sustainability enablers’ that are third-party certified according to a mass balance approach.

The second strategy uses renewable raw materials, such as biogas derived from organic waste and vegetable oils, to act as feedstocks for biomass balanced (BMB) chemicals that use less fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions - compelling features for manufacturers and consumers alike.

The plasticisers of the Biomass Balance and ChemCycling™ portfolio have the same product properties as the regular plasticizers, enabling customers to easily switch to the new sustainable alternatives in their established formulations, for example by using Hexamoll® DINCH in children’s toy applications. BMB is as well third-party certified according to a mass balance approach.


Contact your BTC Europe industry expert for more information on sustainable plasticizer grades.

Expert for UK & Ireland
Lee Morrison
+44 161 475-3298

Expert for Iberia Region
Enrique Martinez De Peon
+34 93 521-4283

Expert for Greece
Dimitrios Evangelopoulos
+30 2106860-202

Expert for Nordic Region
Emil Strom
+46 733 87 93 58