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Colour accents in oral care with Puricolor® pigments

Colour conveys messages. And more so: colours are proven to trigger emotions in our brain. When it comes to dental hygiene products for example, colours promise freshness, naturalness or strong effects for increased cleanliness. Thus it is all even more important for formulators to have the appropriate colours on hand to give their products, such as toothpaste, the right sales appeal. With Puricolor®, BTC offers a comprehensive range of all imaginable colours that are particularly suitable for dental hygiene.

Growing future market

Products for dental hygiene are indeed a growing market as Michael Schork, Global Marketing Manager for Home and Personal Care Colorants at BTC Europe emphasises. “For example, look at developing and emerging countries in which more and more people can afford to buy toothpaste every year.” But manufacturers continue to come up with new formulations or innovative additional functions even in established markets. All these products need colour. “Blue and red are still the most common colours, but many manufacturers also like to use a deliberate dash of colour – in the true sense of the word,” says Schork. For example, green stripes may represent natural ingredients or mint, and pink or violet are used to address specific customer groups. There are also effects that actively use colours, for example indicator colours with which consumers can monitor how long they brush their teeth.

Just as important: Mouthwash and mouth rinse

Puricolor® pigments and colours are not only suitable for toothpaste but for all products involved in dental hygiene, including mouthwash and mouth rinse, which also fulfil an increasing number of functions – from cosmetic functions to cleaning and care. The right colour also provides accents. “Colour is psychology,” Schork emphasises: “In combination with taste, colours give the products the desired effect of freshness.” The wide range of Puricolor® hues allows for the exact mixture of every colour.

Additional information

Puricolor® pigments and colours are available in the following shades for dental hygiene products:

  • Puricolor® Blue ABL9-X FDA
  • Puricolor® Blue FBL5
  • Puricolor® Green U3 FDA
  • Puricolor® Yellow FYE13
  • Puricolor® Yellow AYE23 FDA
  • Puricolor® Yellow FYE3 FDA
  • Puricolor® Red FRE1 FDA
  • Puricolor® Red ARE18
  • Puricolor® Red FRE14
  • Puricolor® Red ARE14

The following pigments are only suitable for toothpaste:

  • Puricolor® Blue PBL29 FDA
  • Puricolor® Blue PBL15:3
  • Puricolor® Blue FBL5
  • Puricolor® Yellow PYE42 FDA
  • Puricolor® Red PRE5-L New

Our Expert

Michael Schork is a trained fabric dyer and began gathering professional experience in the textiles sector back in 1981. After additional commercial training and a degree in Business Economics, Schork has been active in marketing since 1991. In 2004, he moved into marketing and product management for dyes. The technical understanding he gained during his training and the corresponding affinity for colours and fashion help him to this day, he says. At BTC, Schork is responsible for the global marketing of home and personal care colorants. He is enthusiastic about advising customers in their selection of colours, discovering trends and coming contact with different cultures. “Also, I constantly come into contact with the product in everyday life,” says Schork – for example when he buys a shower gel in the supermarket which contains a dye made by BASF.

You can find additional information about Puricolor® and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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