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Colourants for sensitive applications in plastics

There are some plastic products that we get particularly up close and personal with on a daily basis - be it in the form of plastic food packaging or toys. The European Union has established new requirements for these “sensitive applications” in recent years, generating a great deal of uncertainty within the industry. Many were often unclear about which colourants they could still use on any given day. In addition, not only has the legislation been constantly changing, so has the way in which the regulations are interpreted. There is now a brochure that provides orientation through this complex jungle of rules.

Overview of rules for the EU and other countries

This brochure has been devised just in time for Fakuma, an international specialist trade fair for plastics processing. It serves as a guide to the range of colourants offered by BTC Europe – the sales company of BASF SE – that are recommended for sensitive applications, such as food packaging and toys. A table clearly shows whether each product can be used for these purposes in the EU and in other countries. Representatives from the plastics industry can contact their BTC sales partner regarding the list of recommendations.

Colourants for sensitive applications make up just a small part of the over 700 BASF products that make manufacturing and colouring plastic products easier. These include high-performance light protective agents, thermal stabilisers, antioxidants and waxes for colour master batches. There is also a wide spectrum of colourants for technical applications. Customers from the plastics industry with more detailed questions should contact their regional BTC contact person.

What BTC and BASF offer the plastics industry:

  • A comprehensive list of colourants that are recommended for food packaging and toys
  • Customers from the plastics industry can request the document from their BTC sales partner
  • A total of over 700 products for the plastics industry

You can find additional information and contact your local BTC contact partner directly using the Solution Finder at www.btc-europe.com.

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