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Economical for the long term: more milk with Lutrell® Combi

The word “historic” is no exaggeration for the abolition of quotas for milk producers on 31st March this year. On this day, certainties and market rules that dairy farmers have had to rely on for decades will change. At the heart of it all will be the question of how the dairy market will develop.

Those who save energy stay fit

Regardless of whether prices stabilise or continue to fall, the economic situation of the farms in future will still depend on the performance and health of their cows. Lutrell® Combi from the portfolio of BTC Europe GmbH can play a decisive role in this. Since its launch by BASF in 2008, Lutrell® Combi has been getting cows' lactation off to the good start that is so crucial for successful lactation.

Lutrell® Combi reduces the milk fat content during the supplementary feeding phase, leading to lower consumption of blood glucose. The cow therefore needs to use less energy in the form of glucose for every kilogram of milk. The result is optimised energy management in the dairy cow, allowing the animals to cope better with the critical negative energy balance. “The reduction in the fat content is very easy to control, both through the dosage and the period of application,” says Silvia Schmid, Technical Expert of Animal Nutrition Europe at BTC Europe, emphasising, “Our customers regularly confirm the positive effects and the improved fitness of their cows.”

The result? Healthy cows.

The key element is that the addition of Lutrell® Combi bolsters the overall health of the dairy cows. Scientific studies show that the liver does not have to work as hard and fewer free fatty acids are stored, because the cow does not have to mobilise as much body fat. This has a positive impact on key hormones, leading to a significantly shorter time between calves. Increased milk production and improved fertility at the same time – undoubtedly two parameters for economic success in any market situation.

Less fat, better quota exploitation

One of the side effects of Lutrell® Combi up to now has been that the lower milk fat content also ensured improved exploitation of the quota. Because the milk contains less fat, the price paid out was lower, but farmers achieved a higher profit overall thanks to better use of the farm-specific quota. However, anyone wanting to make use of this effect needs to hurry: the quota only applies until 31st March. A lot will change after that – but not the positive effects of Lutrell® Combi. They will remain, even after that historic day.

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