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Electronic invoices - An advantage for everyone

Even in small companies, the paper-based invoice archive usually grows to a considerable size after just a few years. Not only does this put a strain on natural resources; it is also no more convenient to handle than an archive with electronic files. BTC Europe is therefore delighted to offer you the option of receiving your invoices in a digital form from now on as a new, free-of-charge service.

Obtain approval from the revenue office

Digital accounting is accepted by revenue offices in more and more countries. We recommend that those customers who are interested in electronic BTC invoices enquire about this from the authority responsible for them. If the authority approves, all you need is to register quickly and easily at www.btc-europe.com/e-invoicing. Besides the email address to which the invoices are to be sent in future, customers need to specify their VAT ID number for identification purposes. 

Lots of advantages with no added costs

Of course, the new invoicing service from BTC is free of charge for customers – and offers many advantages on top:

  • No delay: The invoice reaches the responsible person in your company in the fastest possible way. This also makes cash flow administration easier and provides greater transparency.
  • Easy to archive: You can access tax-relevant documents much more quickly than in a paper archive, and there are no longer any costs for archive rooms.
  • Safe delivery: Unlike when it is sent by post, it is all but impossible for your invoice to get lost.
  • An environmental benefit: Not using paper saves resources.

You can find additional information and contact your local BTC contact partner directly using the Solution Finder at www.btc-europe.com

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