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EU: green light for daily use of Kollicoat® IR

Many people consume pills on a daily basis to supplement their diet. Some do this voluntarily, for example to increase their vitamin intake, while others have to take them for medical reasons. There are often two problems here: the pills have a bitter aftertaste and their rough surface texture makes them difficult to swallow. The Kollicoat® IR film coating provides the solution. “This product has been used successfully for prescription medicines for many years,” says Thiebaut Wenzler, Head of Sales Europe for Pharma Ingredients and Services at BTC Europe, the sales company of BASF SE. “Now the European Food Safety Authority has approved its use for unrestricted preparations, such as nutritional supplements.”

Extremely easy to use

Approved under food number E 1209, the co-polymer Kollicoat® IR can now also be used throughout Europe in the non-pharmaceutical sector. The product gives pills a shiny coating which makes swallowing easier while at the same time preventing the unpleasant taste of the active ingredients from getting through. Kollicoat® IR dissolves in the body and has no effect.
“The advantage this co-polymer offers is that it can be applied much more quickly than comparable products,” says Wenzler. This is because the product dissolves easily, be it in alkaline, acidic or neutral solutions, and can also be used in extremely high concentrations. Furthermore, it can be mixed with pigments without any difficulties.

Kollicoat® IR's properties at a glance:

  • The film coating protects against the often unpleasant flavour of the active ingredients and makes swallowing easier.
  • It has been approved for daily use in the EU under food number E 1209 with immediate effect.
  • Kollicoat® IR is extremely easy to apply during pill production.

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