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Folic acid: new B-vitamin in the portfolio

The acid belongs to the family of B-vitamins which cannot be produced in the human body and must therefore be ingested in food, either in the form of naturally-occurring folate, or through synthetic folic acid. The vitamin is vital for various metabolic processes, such as cell division and blood formation. In case of a folic acid deficiency, the human body’s ability to produce haemoglobin is limited, with anaemia being the long-term result.

Natural folate hard to absorb

Folate is contained in numerous foods, such as green vegetables or pulses. Cooking destroys the majority of the folate, however, meaning that even conscious attempts to follow a healthy diet often do not provide the consumer with a sufficient amount of folate. In addition, the human body is only able to absorb 50 percent of natural folate. Folic acid, however, is completely absorbed by the organism.

Folic acid: Essential during pregnancy

Folic acid deficiency can have a particularly drastic impact on unborn children, with insufficient ingestion of the B-vitamin increasing the risk of deformities, particularly for what are known as neural tube defects. A sufficient folic acid level also supports blood formation and tissue growth of the foetus. It is therefore recommended that women ingest a greater amount of folic acid both before and during pregnancy, for example by taking nutritional supplements.

One product, many areas of application for human nutrition

Folic acid is the newest addition to the vitamin B product range at BTC and thus complements the portfolio. Folic acid in powder form is suitable as a basis for tablets and nutritional supplements but can also be used to enrich food.

Our expert

Kathrin Kornek has been working for BTC as Technical Sales Manager for the Human Nutrition Europe sector since 2017. Prior to this, she studied ecotrophology and food sciences in Fulda, Hamburg and Warsaw. She is fascinated by the question as to how nutrition contributes to a healthy lifestyle and enjoys sharing her expertise in this area: “I am the technical contact for our customers and answer all questions on the subject of Health Ingredients”.

You can find additional information about Folic acid for dietary supplements and about Folic acid for food fortification using the Solution Finder. Here you can contact your local BTC partner directly.

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