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For vibrant building facades

Buildings painted in white are a thing of the past. Villages and towns have become much more colourful over the last few years, with house painters using almost every colour imaginable. However, sunlight causes most colours to fade over time. "This is especially the case with intense colour shades, such as reds and blues," says Klaus Braun, Business Manager Dispersions for Adhesives & Construction Europe at BTC Europe. The problem is that facade paints usually contain organic pigments. This makes them more vulnerable to UV rays, which attack the binders and pigments used, lessening the colour's intensity.
BTC offers an optimised dispersion for paint producers that makes sure the colours still look fresh and vibrant even years after painting. Acronal® EDGE 6295, an acrylic dispersion, is much more resistant against binder degradation than other dispersions and has hydrophobic properties, thus increasing the life span of the facade colours. "We anticipate that the trend for colourful facades will continue and indeed increase. That makes it even more important that the colours remain as intense and bright as possible, for as long as possible," says Braun. After all, long-lasting colours are also good for the environment and for the wallet, since reducing the need for renovation is sustainable and saves costs. Combined with formulation additives such as dispersants, defoamers, rheology modifiers and pigment preparations from BASF SE, BTC Europe provides the right solutions for producing facade paints. And Acronal® EDGE 6295 keeps facades looking fresher for longer.
Klaus Braun, Business Manager Dispersions for Adhesives & Construction Europe (klaus.braun(at)btc-europe.com), will be happy to answer any questions you might have about Acronal® EDGE 6295.

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