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Glysantin® Classic: triple protection for vintage cars

Vintage and classic cars are your customers' valuable collector's items. BASF has now developed the Glysantin® Classic product for Glysantin®'s 85th anniversary. The Glysantin® Classic engine coolant from BASF SE is specially tailored to the maintenance needs of these sophisticated vehicles. Glysantin® guarantees protection against corrosion, overheating and frost all year round – and has done since 1929.

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Premium product for an exclusive market

„With Glysantin® Classic, we offer a product aimed specifically at this sophisticated market. Vintage and classic cars are valuable vehicles, so there should be absolutely no question about which product is the right one for reliably protecting the cooling system“, says Mark Royal, Brand Manager for Glysantin®. The good compatibility of Glysantin® Classic with cast iron engines is just one of the reasons why the engine coolant is so suitable for vintage and classic cars in particular. It prevents deposits in the cooling system – the cooling ducts in the cylinder head and the motor block – the radiator, the water pump and the heat exchanger. For boiling hot and freezing cold conditions: Glysantin® Classic protects engines reliably all year round and guarantees long-lasting functional safety.

A classic for the anniversary

The anniversary product is available in practical 1.5 litre bottles. The ethylene glycol-based engine coolant concentrate is diluted in water before use.

Alongside the anniversary product Glysantin® Classic, other engine coolant products are also available:

  • Glysantin® G48®
  • Glysantin® G30®
  • Glysantin® G40®
  • Glysantin® G05®

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