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Glysantin® G64®: Engine coolant for downsized engines

For many years, downsizing has been an important driver of development in the automotive industry. Small engines, however, impose the highest demands on engine coolants. Glysantin® G64® is tailored to high performance downsized engines with a continuous flow of heat. The thermal stability of Glysantin® G64® allows for excellent heat transfer within the cooling system. In addition, the engine coolant follows the tradition of excellent corrosion protection that is typical for the brand.

Technical excellence and ecological aspects

“Glysantin® G64® is BASF's response to the changes in engine technology” says Gabriele Möller, Head of Business Management Europe at BTC for the Fuel & Lubricant Solutions division. “In addition to technical performance, the ecological aspects also play an important role for many customers.” After all, thanks to many of its properties, Glysantin® G64® increases the service life of the engine while also allowing for longer maintenance intervals.

Protection against overheating and frost

Glysantin® G64® also protects engines from overheating or frost and effectively prevents deposits due to grit or dirt, thus protecting important components such as the cooling ducts in the cylinder head, the motor block or the water pump. In heavy duty diesel engines, it protects the cylinder liners. “Glysantin® is a long-standing brand in the BTC portfolio” says Möller: “BASF has been setting the brand standard for engine cooling fluids for more than 85 years.”

Glysantin® G64® is officially approved by Volvo Cars and fulfils the following requirements of engine coolant standards:

  • ASTM D3306
  • ASTM D4985
  • ASTM D6210
  • ASTM D7583
  • SAE J1034
  • Önorm V 5123
  • CUNA NC 956-16
  • PN-C40007:2000
  • AS 2108-2004
  • JIS K 2234:2006
  • SANS 1251:2005
  • GB 29743-2013
  • BS 6580:2010.

You can find additional information about Glysantin® G64® and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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