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High-performance sludge dewatering with Zetag® ULTRA

When it comes to treating wastewater, operators of sewage treatment plants face one fundamental challenge: to efficiently filter solids in the form of tiny particles from the liquid. A lower level of water in the remaining sewage sludge means less volume to dispose of. This in turn has an immediate impact on the operating costs. BASF SE has developed Zetag® ULTRA flocculants for this process, representing an excellent addition to the existing product range.

Transportation and disposal costs decline significantly

“The same dewatering capacity is often accomplished with a significant dosage reduction of up to 20 percent when compared to conventional products,” explains Klemens Hauck, Senior Account Manager for Water Treatment at BTC Europe, the sales company of BASF SE. With the same dosages, using Zetag® ULTRA can result in savings of up to 15 percent on transportation and disposal costs due to the higher solid content in the dewatered sludge. Excellent results can also be achieved when separating solids and liquids in centrifuge tanks due to the improved flock stability.

For all types of organic sludge

Four Zetag® ULTRA product types are available and are distinguished by their cationic charge: Zetag® 8127 (20 percent charge), Zetag® 8147 (40 percent charge), Zetag® 8167 (60 percent charge) and Zetag® 8187 (80 percent charge). “This allows us to meet the needs of all customers, whose waste water contains all types of different particles,” says Hauck. Zetag® ULTRA is suitable to treat any kind of organic sludge, whether it is derived from municipal sewage plants, slaughterhouses, breweries or agriculture.

Zetag ULTRA's properties at a glance:

  • A Lower dosage by up to 20 percent is possible
  • With the same dosages, Zetag® ULTRA can result in lower transportation and disposal costs due to better dewatering
  • Four product types are available each offering a different cationic charge
  • Zetag® ULTRA is suitable for treating all types of organic sludge

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