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High performance, solvent based dispersing agents for Cu phthalocyanine pigments

Cu-phthalocyanine pigments represent one of the major classes of organic pigments that are used in the coatings industry.

Although used extensively, dispersing these pigments is by no means without a challenge. Especially the rheological behaviour of the mill base can be difficult to control, which can lead to decreased pigment loading or the need to use a pigment synergist. Such synergists usually have a positive effect on rheology, but can lead to leaching problems in the final application. In this contribution BASF presents two new dispersing agents for Cu-phthalocyanine pigments for solvent based and high-solids applications. The dispersing agents are based on advanced polymer technologies, such as controlled free radical polymerization, which allow a perfect control over polymer architecture. This high level of structural control results in increased efficiency of the dispersing agents and reduces the need to use a pigment synergist. 

Efka® PX 4350 designed with CFRP technology for increased efficiency sets a new standard in dispersing β- and ε- phthalo pigments, providing Newtonian rheology at high pigment loading.

Efka® PX 4751 is especially suited to disperse α-pigments, reducing the thixotropic behaviour of the millbase.

Both are recommended for solvent based systems, high solids industrial and OEM/refinish coatings applications also showing broad compatibility towards acrylate/CAB, 2-Pack solvent-based PU and 2-Pack solvent-based epoxy systems.

Therefore if you would you like to...


  • Formulate with highly efficient dispersing agents for Cu-phthalocyanine α- and β-pigments!
  • Control the rheological behaviour of the millbase!
  • Avoid possible pigment bleeding caused by pigment synergists!

Then BTC Europe have the answer with Efka® PX 4350 and Efka® PX 4751!

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