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HydroBlue® 90: The dust-free reduction agent for the textile industry

Reduction agents are used in many industrial processes, all of which have their own, varying requirements. In paper making, for example, it is not all that important whether the substance used is free of dust, since the reduction process usually takes place in closed systems. For textiles this is quite different, since many steps are completed manually. “It is important for the employees’ health that the reduction agents used are as dust-free and odourless as possible,” says Juan Tortosa, Distribution Business Iberia & Chemicals Europe. “Our new product HydroBlue® 90, an additive for dyeing denim fabric, fully complies with these requirements.”

Stable during processing and in storage

The complete absence of dust is unique when compared to products from other manufacturers. Dosing is simplified by HydroBlue® 90’s special consistency, which allows it to flow particularly freely. Another benefit is the guaranteed purity of 90 per cent dithionite in the composition. “The purer the product, the more stable the reduction process. It goes without saying that this also has a positive impact on the quality of the end product,” explains Tortosa. The dye is spread evenly across the denim fabric and is also much more durable. 

New packaging

With a shelf life of two years, HydroBlue® 90 also provides stability in storage. In addition, the new reduction agent comes in new optimised packaging. The 50-kilogramme containers have a lid with a reinforced crease and are considerably easier to open and close. 

Our expert

Juan Tortosa has worked for BTC since 2011. Having been a specialist in paints and printing inks for many years, he supervises the Iberia region and plays a leading role in Europe as a whole. Tortosa began his career with an apprenticeship as a chemist and gained extensive experience in sales, always predominantly with responsibility for Europe. “Finding connections between products has always been an attractive aspect of technical sales for me,” he says. One stage of Tortosa's career was a four-year stint in the Netherlands, where he was European Head of Sales responsible for special binding agents and additives in the printing inks industry, industrial coatings and floor coatings, among other fields.

You can find additional information about HydroBlue® 90 in the promotion flyer. You can also use the Solution Finder for research and contact your local BTC partner.

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