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Irgacor® 843: The right mixture of corrosion protection

The fact that the requirements of modern lubricants are no longer being met by basic substances alone means thatefficient formulation is essential. It does not just come down to the right mixture and correlation, but also to therespective concentration of the additives to the base fluid. “The oil-soluble corrosion protection Irgacor® 843 hasseveral points in its favour,” says Gabriel Möller, Head of Business Management Europe at BTC for the Fuel & Lubricant Solutions division.

Power and thermal stability at the same time 

As an additive amongst others in hydraulic oil, compressor oils, engine oil or turbine oils, Irgacor® 843 reliably prevents rust and deposits. Independent tests confirm that it provides better protection than other types of commercially available corrosion protection. It also impresses with its low consumption. Depending on the area of application, 0.1% of the formulation is sufficient. Due to its high thermal stability, this effect is also maintained under extreme heat formation, as is customary, for example, in gear oils.

The ideal corrosion protection additive

Irgacor® 843 is appropriate for the viscosity groups I to IV. Laboratory tests show that it does not affect the effectiveness of other additives or basic substances. “Together, these things make Irgacor® 843 an ideal corrosion protection additive for modern formulation, with the aim of combining outstanding rust protection with high thermostability” says Möller. “Particularly for customers who are always wanting to improve their formulations.”

You can find additional information about Irgacor® 843 and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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