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Irgalube® FE1: Increased horsepower, less fuel consumption

More power for your car and stronger acceleration: generally speaking, benefits like these often come with a price of higher fuel consumption. But BTU’s Irgalube® FE1 additive, which not only wrangles more horsepower out of the engine, also achieves documented fuel savings at the same time throughout a large range of vehicle models.

Benchmark tests prove that it works

Irgalube® FE1 is a completely new, organically-based product that was exclusively tested by BASF on many of its vehicles. The result: significant fuel savings. Motor tests showed that higher dosages resulted in increased efficiency of up to 2.5%. This makes it twice as effective as traditional substances, such as Glycerin Mono Oleat (GMO), because the tests showed an increase in performance and acceleration through the use of Irgalube® FE1. There is no residue left behind by this ashless additive. It is suitable for use in gasoline and diesel motor oils; the efficiency is slighter higher when used in gasoline engines.

Easy to use

Irgalube® FE1 is ideally used with a dosage of 0.3 to 1.0 percent of the formulation of the respective motor oils. “Customers can achieve the desired results even with these smaller dosage amounts,” says Gabriele Möller, Head of Business Management Europe, Fuel & Lubricant Solutions at BTC Europe GmbH. Irgalube® FE1 is sold as a liquid, which makes it significantly easier for customers to handle in terms of logistics and processing along the supply chain. And this in turn saves process costs. Irgalube® FE1 is available in containers, insulated containers and in barrels.

You can find additional information about Irgalube® FE1 and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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