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ISO 9001 certificate

The BTC promise – now and in the future

For the next few years at least, our customers can continue to have confidence that BTC has successfully and comprehensively established certified quality management in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. First awarded to BTC in December 2004, the quality seal has now been renewed for an additional three years following recertification. The certificate applies to all BTC sales activities across Europe. The ISO 9001 standard gives all our customers the certainty they need. “BTC is a supplier that works in line with structured processes. This covers documentation, topics like responsible care, sustainability and compliance, and all other areas of our business,” says Heiko Baumann, Quality Manager Europe at BTC. 

Quality management vital in pharmaceuticals and chemicals
The new certificate covers the same scope as the previous one and replaced it immediately following expiry on 3rd January. “Quality management has always been a top priority at BTC, and is therefore hugely important to every member of staff in their day-to-day work,” emphasises Baumann. This is particularly important in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, he adds. 

Added legal certainty
The requirements for receiving such a certificate are understandably high, says Baumann. “This allows the manufacturers who process our intermediates to assure their customers that we have selected our suppliers based on generally recognised criteria.” This also gives them added legal certainty, he says. The recertification was preceded by a comprehensive audit at BTC, which included an assessment of the central management system as a whole, as well as looking at individual processes under real-life working conditions. Incidentally, BASF, whose products BTC markets, is also certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

Our expert:
After completing his studies in Business Information Systems, Heiko Baumann worked at BASF in Ludwigshafen for two years before joining BTC in December 2004. With hindsight, the now Quality Manager Europe's first day at work was to be ground-breaking. “On that very same day, BTC received the ISO 9001 certificate for recognised quality management for the first time – which would explain why my new colleagues didn't have a lot of time for me,” he says with a smile. It is documents like this, their award and above all the required processes that have been Baumann's focus since 1st January 2015. And although his team's efforts often go unnoticed by customers, they are crucial. “Our work allows them to discuss products and solutions with the BTC sales partners. We ensure that all supporting processes run smoothly.”

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