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Kauramin® - Successful preserving of waterlogged wood

BTC Italy could help to preserve waterlogged archaeological finds in the Centro di Restauro del Legno Bagnato di Pisa (Pisa Wet Wood Restoration Centre). The difficult preservation of the shipwreck relics from the Roman age at the Ancient Shipyard of San Rossore2 in Pisa (CNAP) could be done with the speciality Kauramin®.

Saving the wood molecules

The procedure is based on the assumption that the wood molecules, presently degraded, are structurally maintained by the presence of water. With the need to consolidate the finds, and thus to eliminate the water saturating the molecules, it is necessary to replace it with a material capable of sustaining the structure of the currently degraded wood, ensuring that outside agents will be consolidated and protected. The characteristics that should remain unaltered to the greatest possible extent involve the general shape and dimensions of the archaeological find along with its outside appearance.

Experiments started in the 1980's

Experiments involving Kauramin® treatment were first carried out at the «Bern Museum» during the 1980s. Wide ranging experiments were later carried out in the laboratory of the «Museum Für Antike Schiffahrt in Mainz». Owing to cooperation between the «Mainz Museum» and the Pisa CNAP, this treatment has also been performed on an experimental basis since 2008 at the Ancient Shipyard of San Rossore in Pisa (www.cantierenavipisa.it)

Kauramin® resin used as impregnating substance

Kauramin® has proven to be a product suitable for this purpose, owing to its solubility in water, low viscosity and low molecular weight in comparison to other natural and synthetic resins used as an impregnating substance.

Kauramin® is available through BTC in Europe

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