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Lavergy® Pro 104 LS - premium performance on protein based stains

Ensuring Premium Performance reaches the Consumer

Lavergy® Pro 104 LS offers premium performance on protein based stains.  With built-in stabilization, the enzyme remains active longer even in tough liquid formulations and storage conditions. The result is a consistent washing experience which meets consumer expectations.

Performance and Stability for Liquid Laundry

  • Ensures enzyme stability to meet the stain removal expectations of the consumer
  • Enhances complex stain removal through improved secondary enzyme compatibility and residual activity
  • Improves the environmental profile of detergents by eliminating the need for boric acid addition
  • Supports formula concentration and simplification by reducing the requirements of other stabilizing ingredients

Lavergy® Pro 104 LS – the new solution for laundry

You can find additional information about Lavergy® Pro 104 LS and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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