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Lead Free - BTC introduces Paliotan® to the product range

Paliotan® is an environmentally friendly pigment that provides powerful, radiant colours, accompanied by a convincing covering capability and weather resistance. But above all: it does not contain any lead-based pigments and convinces nevertheless through its low price.

Lead chromate pigments will not be used in Europe after 2015

For a long time, this has been a problem in the coatings and plastics industry that could not be satisfactorily resolved: it was difficult to surpass the colour saturation and luminosity of lead chromate pigments and even if this was accomplished, it came with a significantly higher price tag. But they are now classified to be discontinued due to their toxic properties. “A significant number of major manufacturers no longer use lead-based pigments,” says Neil Kay, Head of Business Management Europe at BTC. Many experts expect that tighter laws will soon be introduced. “We are currently working on the statement that the European Chemical Agency ECHA will prohibit lead-based pigments by 21 May 2015”, says Kay.

Organic-inorganic hybrid

BASF SE has found a convincing solution with Paliotan®, which has now also been incorporated into BTC's product range. Lead-based pigments are being replaced by this equivalent pigment which even surpasses the old pigment in some aspects. “The solution was to combine organic and inorganic pigments”, explains Kay. Paliotan® is thus a hybrid and combines the advantages of the different pigments produced by BASF. The pigment is at the same time robust and is suitable for in all lead chrome applications, like plastics and powder coating, as well as water and solvent-based general industrial paints.

BASF SE opts out

At the end of 2014, BASF SE will cease its entire production of lead chromate pigments and only offer alternative products. With this in mind BTC has a very broad portfolio of alternate technologies, which along with Paliotan® includes brands such as Sicopal®, Sicotan® and Paliotol®.

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