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Lutropur® M for Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Solutions for acidic viscous cleaners

Toilet and sanitary cleaning and descaling, especially in I&I market, require superior performances to assure a high level of cleanliness and hygiene, such as removal of tough soils, scale and rust.

Right kinds of viscosity and rheology of a toilet bowl cleaner formulation are fundamental to achieve excellent results on vertical surfaces as uniform covering, clinging for long time and acting below water level.

BASF Enabling Choices in sanitary cleaning with Lutropur® M and performing ingredients:

Thickening and cleaning, meeting EU Ecolabel: *Rheocare® XG, Glucopon® 215 UP/MB
Thickening and cleaning: Demelan® VPC, Lutensol® AO 7, Trilon® M types
Biocidal efficacy: Protectol® FM types
Easy to clean again action: Polyquart® PRO A

*product from Personal Care

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