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New brochure and flyer: Certificates from our colors portfolio at a glance

Our “Color makes the difference” brochure and new flyer provide you with an up-to-date overview of our colors portfolio. In them, we provide information on innovations, non-staining colors and the certificates and statements for each of our colors ranges.

Colors transport characteristics, increase brand visibility and are therefore decisive when it comes to the economic success of a product. BASF’s comprehensive color portfolio combines these aesthetic aspects with excellent properties and the latest certifications.

Non-staining colors: Iragon® and Puricolor®

  • Ecolabel: The EU Ecolabel has strict environmental standards when it comes to the extraction of raw materials, their production, sales and disposal. Producers are also encouraged to produce less waste and CO2.
  • Halal statements: The statements in line with the Halal certification ensure that the product does not contain any material from an animal source, nor alcohol or ethanol derived from wine. The certificate which will be important in the near future is currently being prepared.
  • French Positive List: This list regulates the use of colors and plastics for the food market in France and is therefore of particular importance for dishwasher detergents.
  • Kosher certification: This certificate confirms that our Puricolor brands only come into contact with kosher substances during their production.

Our expert

Michael Schork is a trained fabric dyer and began gathering professional experience in the textiles sector back in 1981. After additional commercial training and a degree in Business Economics, Schork has been active in marketing since 1991. In 2004, he moved into marketing and product management for dyes. The technical understanding he gained during his training and the corresponding affinity for colors and fashion help him to this day, he says. At BTC, Schork is responsible for the global marketing of home and personal care colorants. He is enthusiastic about advising customers in their selection of colors, discovering trends and coming contact with different cultures. “Also, I constantly come into contact with the product in everyday life,” says Schork – for example when he buys a shower gel in the supermarket which contains a dye made by BASF.

You can find additional information in the corresponding brochure and the flyer in the Download Centre. You can also contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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