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New in the BTC portfolio: ProEco® HE 501

The products of the ProEco HE 501 series are readily biodegradable hydraulic oils based on synthetic esters with a high proportion of regenerative raw materials.

Products of the ProEco HE 501 series can be used in stationary and mobile hydraulic equipment under normal operating conditions. Their high viscosity index enables them to be employed as multifunctional hydraulic fluids at a wide range of temperatures. ProEco HE 501 series are used in vehicles of the construction industry, in water, agricultural and forestry machines as well as in municipal vehicles.

EU-Ecolabel Urkunde of ProEco® HE 501-32 (PDF 164KB)

ProEco® HE 501 is a hydraulic fluid that is formulated on the basis of synthetic esters. It fulfils the demanding requirements of the new EU Ecolabel for hydraulic fluids. The EU-Ecolabel specifies minimum technical criteria as well as the use of > 50% renewable raw materials, biodegradability and low toxicity to aquatic organisms. The requirements are specified in the ISO 15380 standard and they are the precondition for the oils to be used in hydraulic systems.

Products of the ProEco® HE 501 series are characterized by the following properties:

  • Certified accroding EU environmental label with a proportion of regenerative raw materials exceeding 60 %.
  • Low classification under German clean water legislation (Wassergefährdungsklasse– WGK 1).
  • Perform very well at low temperatures owing to their low pour points.
  • Good compatibility with the materials used for hoses and seals.