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New in the BTC portfolio: XELOREX™

The new BASF brand XELOREX™ represents a portfolio of cationic polymers that mark the latest step in the development of chemistry for the production of paper and board.

The multifunctional 4-in-1 wet-end chemistry responds to the diverse challenges the paper industry is facing these days. One of the key challenges is the reduction of costs, if possible without compromising on quality. The XELOREX™ product family has the capability of significantly reducing the total cost of operation in papermaking while enhancing productivity and a broad range of paper and board properties.

Striking simplicity – The 4-in-1 functionality of XELOREX™ reduces complexity in the wet-end, as it can achieve and improve the effects of retention, drainage, fixation and strength with just one product of the XELOREX™ product family.

Higher stability – XELOREX™ achieves an outstanding improvement of the initial wet web strength (IWWS) to reduce the number of breaks, leading to improved time efficiency. In addition, XELOREX™ optimizes a variety of dry strength parameters.

Increased productivity – XELOREX™ leads to improved initial wet web strength, less stickies and clean water circuits, all of which result in a higher efficiency due to less downtime. Plus, it is boosting productivity by reducing the draw to permit significantly increased machine speeds.

Improved cost-efficiency – XELOREX™ targets a variety of cost drivers in the papermaking process. It allows replacement of long by short fibers, the increased use of recycled fibers and increased filler loading. Higher filler content and improved drainage contribute to considerable steam savings.