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New surfactant for suspensions in the construction industry

In hydraulic cement compositions, many additives are used to improve the interaction between the cement particles and the water or to allow the mixture to be made with less water. These additives often increase the entraining air in the wet composition, so an air controlling agent needs to be added. BTC Europe is now selling the new surfactant 2,4,7,9,-tetramethyldecane-5-yne-4,7-diol (TMDD) and its ethoxylated version TMDD 440 from BASF SE, which are especially suited to use in the construction industry. “This additive is able to prevent the uncontrolled entrainment of air occurring with the addition of certain plasticizers, therefore, requirements of maximum compressive strength can be reached” explains Juan Tortosa, Distribution Business Iberia & Chemicals Europe at BTC.

Additional properties

When better freeze-thaw durability is required, i.e. increased entrained air is needed TMDD does not counteract the effectiveness of air entrainers which may be added to the formulation later. “It is particularly advantageous to be able to control the amount of air entrained depending on the properties desired” says Juan Tortosa, “This additive is a powerful tool to help formulators meet their technical challenges in cementing”


These products are effective deairentraining agents for both ready-mix and precast construction cements.

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