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New water-based dispersion for flexible packaging

Flexible packaging, such as crisp pouches, need to fulfil different requirements depending on the packaging content. The packaging must for example protect the content from light and humidity, and it must be puncture resistant and printable. Flexible packaging therefore consists of multiple film layers, which are laminated together. Each film has its own characteristics and fulfils different tasks.

An environmentally-friendly alternative

BTC Europe is now selling a new innovation for this field of application: a new BASF product range of dispersions that can be used to manufacture water-based adhesives for flexible packaging. "The relatively new water-based adhesives are an environmentally-friendly and efficient alternative to the solvent-based and solvent-free chemically reactive adhesives that have mainly been used up to now," says Klaus Braun, Business Manager Dispersions for Adhesives & Construction Europe at BTC Europe.

Saving time in production

Water-based adhesives are increasingly in demand in the packaging industry as solvents may be harmful to health when they for example migrate from the packaging into the food. "Packaging that was produced without the use of organic solvents is therefore of great interest to food manufacturers in particular," explains Klaus Braun. The new dispersions for flexible packaging are free from aromatic amines and, needless to say, approved for contact with food in line with the European Union directives. The adhesive Epotal® Eco also meets the EU requirements for biodegradable materials.

In addition, multilayer films manufactured with water-based adhesives can be immediately processed. There is no need for storage between lamination and further processing to allow for curing and the build-up of the necessary adhesive strength. This helps manufacturers to reduce the time between incoming orders and delivery, to increase their flexibility and to minimise warehouse stocks.

The advantages of water-based adhesives:

  • allow immediate further processing
  • faster reaction time to customer inquiries
  • no aromatic isocyanates
  • approved for food contact

With its new water-based dispersions for flexible packaging, BTC now offers the packaging industry a full portfolio of: adhesive raw materials, adhesion promoters, products for surface finishing and barrier protection.

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