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Oxygenated solvents now also available from BTC

BTC has expanded its portfolio to include oxygenated solvents from BASF SE in future. “We have very extensive and detailed knowledge of the market in the relevant sectors,” says Juan Tortosa, Distribution Business Iberia & Chemicals Europe. Oxygenated solvents from BASF are polar solvents consisting of the product families butoxies, butyl glycols, acetates, propanol and aldehydes. They are used in a wide range of different fields, including the paint and coatings industry, pharmaceuticals, flavour chemicals, the agricultural industry, home care products and the printing ink industry. 

Extensive selection, comprehensive advice

The expansion of BTC's range benefits customers in a variety of ways. In future, they can enjoy an even more extensive selection of these products, which are so vital for their work. At the same time, the BTC team and its expertise offer customers comprehensive advice that also extends to other formulation ingredients, including colourants, binding agents, reactives and all types of additives.

Sector expertise built up over 15 years

“Our 15 years of professional experience in the respective markets is what makes us stand out,” says Tortosa. “We want this expertise and detailed knowledge of the sector to benefit our customers.” Customised advice can be a crucial advantage, especially for small and medium-sized customers. Over the next few weeks, BTC plans to approach these customers with a specially-developed strategy, in order to provide them with the best possible support. BTC sees the expanded portfolio as an endorsement of its business philosophy – to not only be a distributor but to be able to pass on substantial expertise to customers, based on expert knowledge. 

The range of oxygenated solvents available from BTC in future includes the following:

The list is a selection of sectors and the most important examples for each one. Your BTC consultant has the full list of applications you might need and will be happy to advise you personally.

  • Coatings and printing inks: Butyl glycols, butoxypropanols (Solvenon® PnBs), n-propanol and more.
  • Pharmaceuticals: n-propanol, propionaldehydes.
  • Construction: Butyl glycols, butoxypropanols (Solvenon® PnBs) and more.
  • Home care: Butyl glycols, butoxypropanols (Solvenon® PnBs), methoxypropyl acetate.

Our expert

Juan Tortosa has worked for BTC since 2011. Having been a specialist in paints and printing inks for many years, he supervises the Iberia region and plays a leading role in Europe as a whole. Tortosa began his career with an apprenticeship as a chemist and gained extensive experience in sales, always predominantly with responsibility for Europe. “Finding connections between products has always been an attractive aspect of technical sales for me,” he says. One stage of Tortosa's career was a four-year stint in the Netherlands, where he was European Head of Sales responsible for special binding agents and additives in the printing inks industry, industrial coatings and floor coatings, among other fields.

You can find additional information about oxygenated solvents and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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