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PANTONE Shimmering Sunset Palette

Immerse yourself in a cosmetic collection inspired by the PANTONE Color of the Year 2019, Living Coral. The Shimmering Sunset palette is a selection of warm and vibrant hues that emulate the dazzling beauty of a sunset sky. Explore ready to market formulations for face, lips, and eyes, featuring a selection of effect pigments that bring depth, dimension, and energy to cosmetic applications. 

PANTONE Living Coral Cream Multi-stick

smooth texture, buildable coverage, and on-the-go packaging, use as a blush, eye shadow, or lip tint

PANTONE Amberglow Shaping Powder

a soft-touch, pressed powder for all-day wear; use as a bronzer and an eye shadow

PANTONE Magenta Haze Eyeshadow Mousse

a unique combination of color and a fun airy texture, apply and dry to reveal stunning gold sparkles

PANTONE Papaya Highlighter Drops

a tropical sunset glow with warm orange tones and small flecks of gold

You can find additional information about PANTONE Shimmering Sunset Palette and contact your local BTC partner directly using our website for your Personal care industry or the Colouration industry page.

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