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ProEco® HE 501XE-15: Viscosity meets environmental standards

Conventional hydraulic liquids cannot be used in agriculture or forestry, as a single burst hose would be enough to cause significant environmental damage. Harvests can even fail if lubricants containing toxic, poorly-degradable active ingredients get into the soil. At the same time, substances used outdoors are often subjected to large differences in temperature and extreme working temperatures in general. What is needed is a lubricant that retains its viscosity even under such tough conditions. With ProEco® HE 501XE-15, BTC's range now includes a hydraulic oil that is made for precisely this kind of use. 

Synthetic esters: biodegradable

All the products in the ProEco® HE 501 series are quickly-biodegradable hydraulic oils that are produced based on synthetic esters, with a high content of naturally-growing raw materials. They therefore meet the strict requirements of the EU Ecolabel for hydraulic liquids and can be used in both stationary and mobile systems, such as forestry machinery, diggers, tractors, lifts and presses. 

For steel structures in contact with water, conservation areas and ski slopes

“Locks, weirs and lift bridges, i.e. all steel structures in contact with water, are ideal fields of use” says Gabriele Möller, Head of Business Management Europe at BTC for the Fuel & Lubricant Solutions division. “The new addition to the ProEco® HE range is an ideal lubricant for vehicles that operate in environmentally sensitive terrain.” This applies to both forest and nature reserves, where it is crucial that no harmful or even toxic substances get into the soil or water when leaks occur. ProEco® HE 501XE-15's lack of temperature sensitivity also makes it ideally suited to use in piste equipment in mountainous areas. 

Additional Information

The properties of ProEco® HE 501XE-15 at a glance: 

  • Very high content of renewable raw materials
  • Suitable for use in particularly low temperatures (down to -40°C) thanks to low setting point 
  • High ageing resistance 
  • Water hazard class 1
  • Excellent compatibility with hose and sealing materials 

Our expert

Gabriele Möller has been working in the chemicals industry for 35 years, during which time she has gathered experience in every central field, from purchasing to HR and sales. Personal experience makes her familiar with customers' needs and points of view: before joining BASF, Möller spent many years working for a retailer who was a BASF customer. Möller has officially been in the Fuel & Lubricant Solutions division for ten years, but it has actually been much longer. “I have always been very mobile,” she says. She was one of the first young women of her generation to ride a motorcycle. Möller enjoys managing products that are easy for laypeople to understand, from coolants to brake fluids. At BTC, she is responsible for the entire strategic segment involving Fuel & Lubricant Solutions.

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