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Ready mix: Flexible, small packages for Glysantin® G®

Up to now, the various types of the Glysantin® engine coolant were only available as concentrates – but now customers of BTC can obtain the product as a "ready mix" in an immediately ready-to-use liquid variant. The advantage: The engine coolant will be easier to handle and does not need any extensive preparation work. That saves time and costs.

An attractive alternative

“Glysantin® G® ready mix types are an even more attractive alternative for all types of customers, even in the workshop,” emphasises Gabriele Möller, Head of Business Management Europe at BTC for the Fuel & Lubricant Solutions division. There is a choice of packages of 1.5 or five litres, which can in turn be combined into boxes and pallets. Glysantin® G48® and G64® are also available in drums. The ready mix types are also coloured – customers can thus increase the recognition value.

More safety, whether it is winter or summer

The Glysantin® G® ready mix types meet all requirements for engine coolant standards. Details and licences can be found at www.glysantin.de. Only de-mineralised water with low conductivity is used for the mixture. This maximizes the corrosion protection and minimizes deposition tendencies in the cooling system. Glysantin® G® still protects at minus temperatures as low as -38°C, but is also reliable against high heat. Glysantin® is a long-standing product in the BTC portfolio. “BASF has been setting the brand standard for engine coolant fluids for more than 85 years" says Möller. The Glysantin® product line has received the most approvals from major automotive manufacturers.

BTC has the following products:

  • Glysantin® G48® Ready Mix
  • Glysantin® G30® Ready Mix
  • Glysantin® G40® Ready Mix
  • Glysantin® G64® Ready Mix

You can find additional information about the Glysantin® G® ready mix and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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