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Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK: Durable and safe, with brilliant colour

Recycling has become increasingly important for the plastics industry, from both an environmental and an economic perspective. One of the criteria is a black that it is detected by infrared sorting systems at recycling plants. It also needs to be heat-resistant – and food safe. Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK has it all.

“Sustainable recycling is becoming ever more important for industry,” highlights Albert Ensenyat, Business Manager for Pigments at BTC. “To achieve this, our customers need pigment stability: even after numerous process steps, the colour needs to remain heat resistant.” Recycling is a real stress test for colour pigments, yet Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK makes multiple life cycles possible.

Heat resistant, but also strong in color

The new Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK ticks all of these boxes. It is heat resistant, yet also NIR reflective and strong in colour – ensuring that it is detected by infrared sorting systems at material recycling plants. “Our customers are constantly looking for a deep black with true colour brilliance,” says Ensenyat. “Carbon Black is the standard here, but it is not ideal for meeting the other requirements.”

Safe and ideal for food packaging

The new Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK provides outstanding colour strength and can be shaded with other pigments, such as Heliogen® Blue. “That gives our customers the flexibility they need,” emphasises Ensenyat. Thanks to its heat resistance, Sicopal® Black is also ideal for microwaves and meets all the safety requirements of the food industry. “It is a black that absorbs less heat than the Carbon Black,” says Ensenyat. This also makes it a good choice for applications such as the interior fittings of vehicles. With Sicopal® Black, customers can enjoy a versatile product that sets new standards, especially when it comes to sustainability. 

The advantages at a glance

  • High tinting strength and opacity, top-class NIR reflectivity
  • High temperature and chemical resistance, even for the most challenging fields of application
  • Meets EU Resolution AP(89) 1, EN 71-3, 94/62/EEC and CONEG in accordance with purity requirements for pigments
  • Suitable for plastic food trays for use in microwaves and ovens, food contact compliant (EU, Japan)
  • Enables multiple product life cycles thanks to mechanical recycling

Our Expert

Albert Ensenyat, Business Manager for Pigments at BTC, joined the BASF Group in 2002 and developed different functions in sales until 2016, when he took on his current role. He has over 30 years of experience in the coatings industry and has worked with multi-national companies, such as DuPont, Herberts and Beckers. “My goal is to promote pigments and colourants in different sectors and support the organisation as a whole in achieving our goals and making our lives more colourful.”

You can find additional information about Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK directly using our website for plastics industry. You can also contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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