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Small and Efficient at Low Temperatures

Combining enzymes and our broad portfolio to enable the next level of low temperature washing

The Benefits in Liquid Monodoses: 

  • Low Temperature Effects, achieve same washing performance with energy savings.
  • Primary Detergency, provide the best cleaning results for difficult stains.
  • Rheology Modification, improve the consumers’ quality perception.

 Our Key Ingredients:

  • Lavergy™ Pro 104 L and Sokalan® HP 20 together form the best solution to remove a broad set of difficult stains, especially on stains like blood, milk, ink and chocolate. The synergy between our broad portfolio and enzymes enables the next level of washing at temperatures as low as 20 C
  • Rheovis® AT 120 contributes to consumer perception of high quality due to the transparency of the finished mondoses
  • Rheovis® AT 120 viscosity modification supports formulator cost savings through faster and consistent filling process

You can find additional information about combining enzymes and our broad portfolio and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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