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Sparkling possibilities with Mearlin® Star Pearl

Anything that glitters makes people happy. Sparkling makes us think of sunlight, starry skies or golden treasures. This is why effect pigments continue to enjoy growing popularity, and the creative possibilities are by no means exhausted. Architectural design, packaging and painted metalwork are only a few of the possible applications. 

More intense sparkling effect

It is for all these reasons that BTC Europe has added a new product to its portfolio. Mearlin® Star Pearl EH1646 (139S) is a new effect pigment introduced by BASF SE which sparkles more intensely than its predecessor, 139P.

Easy to process

Mearlin® shining pearl pigments are small glimmer platelets coated with titanium oxide or ferric oxide, whose smooth surface and high refractive index give them excellent reflective properties. Mearlin® Star Pearl EH1646 is particularly weather-resistant and easy to process. In powder coating, just two to three per cent is needed to produce an intense sparkling effect.

Subtle purchasing incentive

Sparkling products have a positive influence even if they are not perceived immediately. “If two pairs of shoes were presented to you, one of which had a subtle effect pigment coating, you would reach for that one without even knowing exactly why,” says Klaus Nees-Brand, Senior Technical Expert Effect Pigments at BTC Europe. And it is exactly this subtle effect that can be sustainably created with Mearlin® Star Pearl.

Ideal for exterior applications

Mearlin® shining pearl pigments are subjected to BASF's own surface treatment to improve resistance to spray water and adhesion to water-based paints. This makes them ideal for coatings in the automotive industry or exterior applications, as well as for use in architectural design.

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