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Specific Concentrations Limit (SCL)

A way to avoid over classification - status

2015 a project was started under the umbrella of ERASM (Environmental and health Risk Assessment Management) to investigate the eye damage/irritation in vitro approach to address concentration related effects (SCL) with pure and diluted surfactants, with objectives to propose a strategy to differentiate between irritant and corrosive surfactants and develop an approach for setting SCLs for eye damaging surfactants based on in vitro data.

The screening phase of this project is almost finalized, phase 2 is planned to be finalized in 2018.

In the meantime BASF supports you with data for the below mentioned products based on Specific Concentration Limits. This enables you to calculate your final formulation without using Generic concentration limit (GCL) and thus a possibility to avoid over classification.

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