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Surfactants for touchless Vehicle Cleaning

Enabling Choices with Broad Surfactant Portfolio

“Touchless” car wash refers to a cleaning procedure without brushes. It is used for manual jet wash (self-service or with professional operators). For this application, specific “touchless” formulations can replace brushes in order to reduce the risk of coating damage, prevent the use of dirty brushes, or for a quicker and easier cleaning process.

Automatic car washes represent a second area of application. In this case, “touchless” formulations can enhance the overall cleaning performance by using them as a pre-treatment step, for instance, to clean parts of the vehicle that are difficult to reach with brushes.

The core requirements for touchless cleaning formulations are:

  • Active foam (homogeneous coverage, stable, wet, thin bubbles, clinging to vertical surfaces)
  • Removal of tough traffic film
  • Easy to rinse
  • Concentrate, easy to handle, and liquid even at very low temperatures

Our surfactant portfolio enables choices to formulate “touchless” cleaners:

Surfactants for touchless Vehicle Cleaning

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