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Technical Seminar: BTC presents its portfolio

Developed by BASF back in 2009, the solubilizer Soluplus® helps to sequester substances with a low solubility so that they can be absorbed by the body. This is particularly useful in pharmaceutical products produced by melt extrusion – a technology that is becoming increasingly important. Innovation for the future. As Soloplus® is still new to the market despite this, the major pharmacopoeias do not yet contain monographs on it.

Changes in the pharmaceutical industry

This was just one of the many topics discussed by BTC representatives with around 30 Iberian customers in Barcelona in mid-June. The technical seminar takes place every two years and gives technical experts from BTC and BASF the chance to directly engage with their Iberian customers in discussions about specific issues, such as problems surrounding galenic formulations. Changes in legal constraints are also an important topic, as amendments to standards and regulations are particularly frequent in the pharmaceutical industry. Take Soluplus® as an example: the fact that it is not included in pharmacopoeias makes it more difficult for pharmaceutical manufacturers to use the excipient. “Anyone who wants to use it in their medicines today has to conduct more research studies,” says Juan Tortosa, Distribution Business Iberia & Chemicals Europe at BTC. This results in higher costs and more effort. According to Tortosa, it is not unusual for it to take years for a substance to be added to the list.

Ibuprofen DC 85 solves problems

It was topics like this that gave rise to the idea of inviting company representatives to an event every two years. Led by BTC and BASF SE experts as well as by the BASF sales team and some selected customers, the technical presentations establish contact and allow participants to engage in direct discussion with one another. “Needless to say, it is always a great opportunity for all the guests to form additional networks,” says Tortosa, and for BTC to showcase its portfolio. Take the active ingredient ibuprofen DC 85, for example, with which BASF has solved two problems the pharmaceutical industry has been facing for years at a stroke: direct compression of ibuprofen is now much easier, while relatively small pills can now also be formed despite the high dose of active ingredient.

Broad product portfolio

“Further proof of the breadth of our portfolio is the fact that we offer both active ingredients and the excipients needed for production,” emphasises Tortosa. For example, one particularly detailed lecture dealt with the presentation of dermatological excipients, which were able to draw on comprehensive new formulation data from the BASF laboratories. The newly included excipients from the speciality chemicals company Cognis, which was acquired by BASF in 2010, are among the factors that have made this possible.

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