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The best days end in dirty clothes!

Sokalan® HP 96 and Tinopal® CBS-X – the ecolabel suited boosters for liquid detergents!

34% of German consumers consider labels as important/ very important when buying detergents & care products
Source:  Wirkung von Siegeln auf das Verbraucherverhalten, Ergebnisbericht Okt. 2016, im Auftrag der Verbraucher Initiative e.V.

65% of consumers know the EU Ecolabel already and trust it.
Source: Consumer market study on environmental Claims for non-food Products (Verbraucherstudie über umweltbezogene Erklärungen bei Non-Food-Erzeugnissen); Europäische Kommission 2014

66% of women in France responsible for doing the laundry say thy try to use laundry products as eco-friendly as much as they can.
Source: Mintel

  • Don’t worry about tough stains – use Sokalan® HP 96 which boosts stain removal of outdoor stains
  • Don’t worry about graying – use Sokalan HP® 96 with outstanding dispersing properties
  • Don’t worry about fading – use Tinopal® CPS-X for a brilliant whiteness

Combine Sokalan® HP 96 with Tinopal® CBS-X and support the “perfect white claim” within a sustainable solution: both ingredients are suitable for the EU Ecolabel!

Combine perfect washing result with an ecolabel!

You can find additional information about Sokalan® HP 96 and Tinopal® CBS-X directly using our website for detergents & cleaners industry. You can also contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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