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The full palette of colours – with Iragon® liquid dyes

Colours create associations and emotions. They attract attention. In short, when used properly, colours can be incredible at boosting sales. This applies to both the packaging and the product itself. When their laundry detergent, floor cleaner or washing-up liquid has a certain colour, customers remember. Iragon® liquid dyes can now help you mix exactly the shade you need for the home care sector. This BASF product is available in blue, pink and yellow, which makes countless combinations possible depending on the mixing ratio and concentration.

Advice on the mixing ratio

“Our technical service also can also assist customers when they have a specific shade in mind,” emphasises Michael Schork, Global Marketing Manager Home and Personal Care Colorants at BTC Europe GmbH. After all, the diversity of Iragon® liquid dyes allows even the most unusual mixtures and colours.

Easy to use, outstanding product hygiene

Iragon® liquid dyes also have impressive product characteristics. As liquids, the dyes are particularly simple to use, and dosing is easy. This is a huge benefit for production hygiene in both medium-sized and large businesses. The dyes have been successful BASF products for more than a decade, offering reliability and clear microbiological specifications. “As a customer, I know exactly what I'm getting when I buy this product,” says Gisela Herzog, Marketing & Sales Manager Europe for Colorants Home and Personal Care at BTC. And there is more: when used normally, Iragon® does not stick to textiles or surfaces, so the colour does not bleed onto other products. Herzog sums up: “If you are thinking about colours, you should think of BTC” – and thus of Iragon® liquid dyes.

Additional information

The advantages of Iragon® liquid dyes at a glance:

  • Easy to use and dose
  • Strict and precise microbiological specifications
  • Does not stick to textiles or surfaces when used in the normal way
  • Especially comprehensive range of shades possible (blue, red and yellow in the product range) 

Our expert

Gisela Herzog was responsible for the Cleaning Agents division at BASF for almost 30 years, before shifting her focus to dyes three years ago. At BTC, she is responsible for Europe and the Near East. As a trained management assistant and long-time sales manager, she has always placed considerable importance on customer contact. “Colours are something positive,” she says. This division offers a wide range of combinations of topics and challenges, says Herzog – from procurement to marketing and direct contacts in the market. She likes to open talks with old business contacts from her network with the announcement: “'I'm here to put some colour into your lives.”

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