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The right products for colourful tiles

Your favourite picture on a wall tile – that is no problem today thanks to state-of-the-art technology and the right chemistry. Products from BASF SE make it possible for manufacturers of tile and ceramic printing ink to optimise their processes. Support is offered along all production steps, from mixing the minerals to manufacturing glazes, up to printing on tiles. "We supply additives to provide a homogeneous mixing of the raw material as well as pigments and binding agents for printing inks," explains Juan Tortosa, Distribution Business Iberia & Chemicals Europe at BTC, the sales company of BASF SE.

Natural materials as an alternative to mineral-based additives

Here, the additives are not only suited for traditional screen print processes, but also for modern ink-jet printing. "The ink-jet method is far more effective and flexible. For example, this makes it possible to change the design from one second to the next. However, both processes require specially formulated additives, such as the ones we offer," says Juan Tortosa.

Furthermore, environment-friendly alternatives to mineral-based ingredients are becoming increasingly important in production. Products from BASF SE satisfy these wishes by offering natural oils, alcoholates and alcohols. "Temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees are common during the manufacturing of ceramic products. Everything that is not mineral evaporates during manufacturing and must therefore be extremely environment-friendly," explains Tortosa.

The products:

  • Products from BASF support the tile manufacturing process from beginning to end – from treating the raw materials to curing and then printing.
  • The various additives for manufacturing ceramic colours and colour printing on tiles are available for rotary screen printing as well as for the newly developed ink-jet printing.

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