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Versatile stability for lubricants with Irganox® L products

Steadily increasing efficiency, increasingly stringent regulations – antioxidants are subject to increasing requirements. Therefore, it is very important to have a product that complies with the common guidelines, yet is as diverse as possible. Products in the Irganox® L series – here 06, 55, 57, 64, 67, 101, 107, 109, 115, 118, 135 and 150 - are impressive thanks to their variable application options and superior protection against oxidation. “And Irganox® L works better than many other conventional substances,” says Gabriele Möller, Head of Business Management Europe, Fuel & Lubricant Solutions

Many years of experience on the market

Oxidation causes lubricants to age. Whether due to excessive temperature, presence of oxygen or mechanical stresses – acids are formed that can weaken the lubricant significantly. Antioxidants are beneficial because they stabilise the compounds and thus prolong the lubricants’ service life. With the Irganox®L series, BTC customers have a product at their disposal which sets a new benchmark for the segment. “The very extensive experience behind the Irganox® L products is truly remarkable,” says Möller.

Broad range for different applications

BTC’s portfolio includes more than a dozen different Irganox® L products, many of which are true specialists. For example, Irganox® L101 and Irganox® L109 are particularly suited for use in areas with indirect contact to food as both are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Irganox® L150 is especially suited for use in engines powered by liquefied gas, while a product such as Irganox® L135 is particularly versatile and suited for many different applications. Some of the products are biodegradable, for example Irganox® L E307. “This is a really broad range for all types of applications,” Möller emphasises.

Irganox® L antioxidant products comply with the requirements of the REACH legislation; they are already registered and will be available beyond the end of the phase-in period. Möller adds, “The products have a long service life, they protect machines, ensure extended replacement intervals and help reduce costs.”

Our Expert

Gabriele Möller has been working in the chemicals industry for more than 35 years, during which time she has gathered experience in every central field, from purchasing to HR and sales. Personal experience makes her familiar with customers' needs and points of view: before joining BTC, Möller spent many years working for a retailer who was a BASF customer. Möller has officially been in the Fuel & Lubricant Solutions division for ten years, but it has actually been much longer. “I have always been very mobile,” she says. She was one of the first young women of her generation to ride a motorcycle. Möller enjoys managing products that are easy for laypeople to understand, from coolants to brake fluids. At BTC, she is responsible for the entire strategic segment involving Fuel & Lubricant Solutions.

You can find additional information about Irganox® and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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